Véronique CHRIST

French tutor, specialising in teaching French to foreigners, the majority of whom are English-speaking. I use integration into French culture as an indispensable asset in the approach and learning process of the language itself.

However the best people to ask are my students. Here is what they have to say:

Veronique has been my French tutor for the past 3 years. The lessons are always well structured with a good balance of written, verbal exercises, as well as commonly used phrases needed for everyday French life. Veronique is very easy to get along with, speaks excellent English, is friendly and patient and explains complex French rules in an easy to understand matter. She has also helped me in communication issues with schools, CAF etc.

During the holidays my daughter enjoys lessons with her as she makes it a fun learning process and she doesn’t always see it as homework catch up.

I would recommend Veronique to anyone wishing to learn French at any level.

Charlotte BECCHAM

We moved to France 5 years ago with our two children aged 9 and 4, neither had ever spoken a word of french. Within a matter of weeks Veronique had taught them the basics to allow them to start and progress at school and within a matter of months they were reading and writing in french also.

She has taught and coached them through every test as well as been available night and day for homework support and last minute questions. Our children look forward to Veronique’s classes. She has a wonderful fun methodology of teaching and a great way of connecting with children.

Five years later, both our children are fluent and excelling in the french system, thanks to Veronique.
She still comes weekly – and I have requested she stay with both my children until the Bac!

I can highly recommend Veronique to any individual or family who would like to learn french.

Famille Clarkin

Veronique helped me to learn and progress at french and now I feel completely confident to sit my French Brevet next year. She taught me tips and tricks to help me understand all the complicated french grammar and has helped me with all subjects in french. I am really grateful to Veronique for all the help she has given me.

Hugo aged 13

Veronique helped me learn my french conjugations in a fun way and how to remember the different accents, spellings and endings in french. Thank you

Charlotte aged 9

Veronique is incredible- My spoken and written french has improved dramatically since we started our lessons- as has my confidence!


I am really enjoying my French lessons with Veronique, each week she helps me build my knowledge of vocabulary and is incredibly patient in teaching grammar.
Veronique makes the lessons interesting and I can feel my confidence building week by week.

Lianne Llewellyn

Spanish and English speaker, and student of Veronique Christ. So far, I have been working with Veronique for more than 8 months, and the experience has been more than satisfactory. Veronique is patient, professional and very result oriented teacher who is able to adapt her classes to your own learning speed and your commitment possibilities, fact that is definitely key for me, as time is a precious asset in my day to day life and no always I can study as much as i would want.

In summary, she is a magnificent teacher and better person who takes your learning process as her own challenge!

Aritz Real Lezana

After moving to France, I was a bit skeptical about being able to learn French in a short period of time as an adult and frequent traveller.
But to my amazement as well as people around me, after only a series of Veronique’s lessons, I was speaking well enough to participate in dialogues on
various topics with French natives.
I was no longer intimidated but inspired with the French classes!
Veronique manages to balance in her lessons the most important aspects of a language learning process like speaking, grammar and vocabulary providing up- to -date expressions used in business and daily life of French people. Therefore, the practice of a spoken language was extremely efficient and fun!
It has been so far a really great and fruitful study experience that resulted not only in the improvement of my French language skills but in discovery of a wonderful friend who is always there for you to help with useful tips, advice and guidelines on your life journey in France.
I look forward to my next lesson with Veronique!
A very happy student,

Liza Kurakova

Mrs Veronique Christ has been my French teacher for the last 6 months.
I’m glad to be able to provide a letter recommending her for a position as a teacher.
I consider Mrs Christ to be a very competent specialist in her field, providing always new material for the classes and a very good planning of the study. She has been very committed to the role, patient and willing to foster motivation in her students.

Favero Ilario

I was extremely happy to have found Veronique as our French teacher. At first, she was a teacher for my 2 boys, ages 8 and 10 and then, she became my teacher! She helped them with all the particulars necessary to be ready to enter public French school.
As for me, we actually put the language to practical real-life situations by going on-site and using my French. We went to Carrefour, restaurants, the post office and even down to making my own appointments.
I have used Veronique for the past two years and she has become part of the family now, always there when we need her to help us with the French language.

Maureen Broussalian