Our French Solutions

“Veronique not only makes learning French fun and practical, she also puts the French language into context, making it useful! By highlighting the culture influences that can shape the French language, she makes learning French current and relevant.”

Veronique teaches you how to communicate in French comfortably and with confidence providing personalised and tailor-made lessons to meet your needs and your goals.

With a passion for teaching and her love of all things French, Veronique offers may different solutions to learning French for adults, children and small groups:

Conversational French 

Daily Communication

Living & Working

French School & Homework Support

Exam Preparation

French Refresher

French Online

All of Veronique’s classes are available on Zoom, Skype or FaceTime and can be adapted to your personal schedule, your level and your objectives. Making French not only fun, but flexible too!

French Context

Veronique places special emphasis on context when teaching French. Learning a language is not just about learning vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. It is also about the inflections, timing, gestures and references that can make all the difference to a sentence or situation!

French Culture

French culture is an intricate part of the French language. Therefore Veronique provides a cultural reference framework and foundation in all her classes and communications for a more authentic approach to the language and a greater appreciation of all things French.

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