About Veronique

"As an expert teacher of the French language, I can help you quickly gain confidence and express yourself in any situation of daily life.

Thanks to a fun and structured methodology which is simple and adapted to your personality, your age, your expectations, your level and your situation. The goal is to help expatriates and Francophiles to speak French wherever you are in the world, I can bring a little French culture into your home, the French touch…”
Veronique Christ

I am originally from Strasbourg, steeped in very Germanic culture and now I live on the French Riviera with a very Mediterranean culture. French may be the common language but the culture is extremely different! So I do appreciate what it means to adapt to a new culture and way of life.

Coupled with this move, my son had learning difficulties while at school and classes, especially learning French was extremely difficult and frustrating for him. So, I decided to teach him French as a foreign language, like a new piece of music whose notes you don’t  know!

Over many years now I have developed a new method of teaching French, made up of games, stories and discoveries for young and the “not so young”, that make the French learning process, memorable and fun. Thanks to my son, I was able to create French-Access with the ability to teach French to anyone who wants to learn, while continuously developing my methods and adapting them to the needs of each of you.

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